Homestuck MMD Downloads

((After an entire year I’ve decided to restart on this blog. I kind of fell out of the Homestuck fandom mainly due to the fact to the extremely large hiatus, and also because I’m super lazy. Anyways I’ll do what I can to update with what models are around. Sadly most people see most model edits or original models on deviantART, but I’ll do this anyways.

If you could please fill out this super short survey on what kind of things you’ll see. It only has two questions. U u U

Also this blog will have unique character tags as I don’t want to clog up the main tags.))

Sollux Captor by Madokah
Mom Lalonde by Xeraphano
Roxy Derse Fancy Dreamer by EmilyNiccals
Jane Crocker Skaia Version by Razz-Pixel

OOC: Updates at long last, actually models coming soon!

This has been dead for way too long, time to bring it back to life. Going to do what other model sites and actually do posts. But I won’t be doing them in the normal MMD tag, since I don’t want to spam them with a bunch of Homestuck. It’ll all be done in MMDstuck tag, so prepare yourselves! I have about a hundred or so models I think? Let’s do this. But for now, I shall be placing a password on the site until I clean up this blog a bit.

Post-Scratch Kids are up now

Like the title has said, I’ve finally got around to placing up their downloads, please head over to the models page! Sorry it has taken so long, but I chose to start off with them since, really, they don’t have that many models out yet.

Also on a side note, I have about 86 Homestuck models as is right now, and I am currently missing a few, haven’t went and note a few modelers for them yet.

Well hello there. I know, this seems rather odd, but I’ve been wanting to do this for quite awhile now. What I wanted to do was make a Tumblr blog for Homestuck MMD models, and what not. There’s really nothing on here right now, since I’ve really only just started working on this. So look out for updates on this blog.
And, as to not actually clog up the MMD tag after this post, I will use the tag, or hope to not clog but I’m not going to make updates whenever I add a new link, will be MMDHS. But since this is a MMD blog still in a sense, I’ll probably reblog some interesting things more towards MMD as a whole, or just neat videos.
And, in the future, do you think it would be a good idea to let people submit stuff? Or should I be wary. Also, if someone would like to help, please just ask. What I really need help with is making images for all of the models, or hunting some links down for certain models.
On an ending note,  this blog will have more or less three mascot models, which will be John, Karkat and Jane. But more so towards John, I decided on the GodTier!John model by naruhina123, and the Karkat one by her as well. The Jane model was made by razzpixel, both on deviantART.

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